Maria | Senior

This girl is so sweet - as well as a natural in front of the camera! Maria and I walked around her beautiful property and I could have spent a lot more time there - so many location gems!

Maria and I even had a bonding moment when she told me she is taking darkroom photography... I was so happy to hear that kids are still learning the old fashion way! She will be graduating this year, and I wish her the best of luck with her bright future! 

Tessa | Senior

I had never met Tessa before our photo shoot, so I didn't know what to expect.. but heck - this girl was a natural! I barely had to give her any direction, every shot was amazing! Tessa attends Linden Hall and will be graduating this year! She's beginning her college search and even looking to go international & I fully support that! I wish you the best of luck, Tessa! You will go far in life.