The Brandt Family

Sarah and Taylor are so awesome. What makes their family that much better is little Sage. She is so hysterical - I couldn't stop laughing! She talked our ears off and I loved every second! The entire time we spent together she led the way! "Follow meeee!!!" She's definitely going to be a leader some day! 

But you want to know the best part? I got a text message from Sarah the night of this photo shoot saying "When I put Sage to bed last night, she fussed and said she wanted to 'go back to pictures with Katie.'" - It made my day!! Sarah and Taylor, you're raising one heck of a little lady. You guys are amazing! 

Maria | Senior

This girl is so sweet - as well as a natural in front of the camera! Maria and I walked around her beautiful property and I could have spent a lot more time there - so many location gems!

Maria and I even had a bonding moment when she told me she is taking darkroom photography... I was so happy to hear that kids are still learning the old fashion way! She will be graduating this year, and I wish her the best of luck with her bright future! 

CJ & Sarah | Maternity

These two make me so incredibly happy and I'm blessed to call them friends. I didn't think this soon-to-be family of three could get any more beautiful but it's happening. I cannot wait to hold baby boy Stimple in my arms and love on that babe like no other - he'll be a little heart breaker! 

Tessa | Senior

I had never met Tessa before our photo shoot, so I didn't know what to expect.. but heck - this girl was a natural! I barely had to give her any direction, every shot was amazing! Tessa attends Linden Hall and will be graduating this year! She's beginning her college search and even looking to go international & I fully support that! I wish you the best of luck, Tessa! You will go far in life.