Brooke + Ben

Ben is a musician and Brooke is his muse. They are two of the most beautiful and passionate people I've met. I was so honored that they asked me to fly out to Santa Cruz, California to capture the best day of their lives. We were at a beautiful winery nestled on top of a mountain (one of the windiest roads I've ever driven to get there...) - it truly took my breath away.  I wish I could describe how giddy Ben was as Brooke walked down the aisle... It's like he wanted to jump out of his skin in excitement! It was so amazing. The ceremony was held amidst epic evergreen trees but there wasn't really a place where Brooke could "hide" before walking down the aisle. Ben was told time and time again not to look at his bride until she reached the beginning of the rose pedaled aisle. Nope, that didn't happen. He took a peak as soon as he possibly could. 

During the reception - as the speeches were winding down, what looked like smoke started to make its way towards us. I stood there for a few minutes wondering if someone was burning trash or smoking meat, but NO! it was the most beautiful fog I've ever experienced. Soon the fog was covering the trees and venue and I was just standing there in awe. 

I can't thank Brooke and Ben enough for allowing me to spend their day with them. It was a true honor, and I wish them the very best!!