Jamie + Woody Engaged

No better time to blog Jamie & Woody's engagement shoot from months ago than the evening before their wedding, right?! I just had to share these images. Jamie works for Anthropologie and got us into one of their beautiful warehouses in the Navy Yard in Philadelphia. Woody is a insanely amazing designer for The Heads of State so let's just say I got some creative (and stylish) people around these parts. I mean, matching jump suits? c'mon. So. Freaking. Cool.

Jin + Justin | Private Property Wedding

Jin and Justin's wedding was so special for several reasons! First of all, Jin got ready at her parents house which was directly across the street from Jin and Justin's BEAUTIFUL new farm. Two words: Butterflies. Everywhere. I personally think it was a sign from Jesus that their day was going to be gorgeous! Despite the heat, It certainly was a gorgeous day! Jin's mother made her wedding dress, so that made getting ready for the day extra special. Their ceremony was held on top of a hill overlooking rolling green hills, and reception was held at a private farm close by - So many gorgeous spots all within a mile of each other! I wish Jin and Justin nothing but the best!

Kelsey + Pete | Avon Lee Farm Wedding

I knew when I met Kelsey and Pete only a few weeks before their wedding that their day was going to be absolutely perfect. And it was nothing short of that! I've said it before, and I'll continue to say it - The holy spirit was certainly present during their day! That alone makes the day perfect. Kelsey and Pete, you two are such beautiful (and hilarious!) people inside and out. I am honored that you chose me to spend time with you! 

Jacqui + Jon | Duportail House Wedding

Jacqui and Jon are SO much fun. You could feel it in the air that they're friends and family genuinely care and love them for who they are. I laughed so hard during this day, main because of how comical the groomsmen were. But Jacqui and Jon felt like quick friends from the moment we met in DC only a couple weeks before their wedding. We had the hardest time finding a time to do their engagement photos and it ended up only being a couple weeks before! But my husband and I grabbed a beer with them after the shoot and we became fast friends. Jacqui and Jon, I wish you the best of love forever and ever. 

Kelsey + Pete Engaged

Time to catch up on some blogging! I'll be the first to admit that I am not the best blogger - but hopefully 2017 will change that! I am so excited because I have taken my photography business to a new level. As some of you may know, I have been working full time as well as running my own business and it just started to be too much. I felt like I wasn't fully dedicated to either job, so I made the leap! I am now working full time as a wedding photographer! It just feels so good :) 

For my first post, I introduce to you Kelsey and Pete! They certainly are a couple for the books! They are so full of life and love for each other! I couldnt help but just love the way they love eachother. They are the type of couple that set an example for what true love is. We decided to check out the White Cliffs of Conoy that everyone has been raving about lately, and it surely did not disappoint! 

Brooke + Ben

Ben is a musician and Brooke is his muse. They are two of the most beautiful and passionate people I've met. I was so honored that they asked me to fly out to Santa Cruz, California to capture the best day of their lives. We were at a beautiful winery nestled on top of a mountain (one of the windiest roads I've ever driven to get there...) - it truly took my breath away.  I wish I could describe how giddy Ben was as Brooke walked down the aisle... It's like he wanted to jump out of his skin in excitement! It was so amazing. The ceremony was held amidst epic evergreen trees but there wasn't really a place where Brooke could "hide" before walking down the aisle. Ben was told time and time again not to look at his bride until she reached the beginning of the rose pedaled aisle. Nope, that didn't happen. He took a peak as soon as he possibly could. 

During the reception - as the speeches were winding down, what looked like smoke started to make its way towards us. I stood there for a few minutes wondering if someone was burning trash or smoking meat, but NO! it was the most beautiful fog I've ever experienced. Soon the fog was covering the trees and venue and I was just standing there in awe. 

I can't thank Brooke and Ben enough for allowing me to spend their day with them. It was a true honor, and I wish them the very best!! 

Rosy + James Married

Rosy and James tied the knot on April 4, 2015 at White Chimneys in Gap, PA. It was quite the windy day - The weather didn't know how to act! One minute it was calm and (semi) warm, and the next the winds were close to blowing us over! But that didn't stop us from getting some beautiful images of these two! Big thanks to Sarah Brookhart for being my second shooter! 

I'm so happy you allowed me to be part of your day, Rosy and James! I wish you a happy ever after!

Erica + Justin

Erica and Justin are just so cool. Sounds a little cliche, but its true. Erica was pretty nervous to be in front of the camera which is quite common. But it's usually a good thing because Justin basically made her laugh the whole time - which makes for some pretty great photos. I'd like to think my crappy jokes helped too.  They're such a fun loving couple. I love their interaction & fun loving spirit. They're wedding will be just like their personalities. Fun-Loving and goofy ;) Plus, Chipotle is catering so that will be the cherry on top. 

The Brandt Family

Sarah and Taylor are so awesome. What makes their family that much better is little Sage. She is so hysterical - I couldn't stop laughing! She talked our ears off and I loved every second! The entire time we spent together she led the way! "Follow meeee!!!" She's definitely going to be a leader some day! 

But you want to know the best part? I got a text message from Sarah the night of this photo shoot saying "When I put Sage to bed last night, she fussed and said she wanted to 'go back to pictures with Katie.'" - It made my day!! Sarah and Taylor, you're raising one heck of a little lady. You guys are amazing! 

Maria | Senior

This girl is so sweet - as well as a natural in front of the camera! Maria and I walked around her beautiful property and I could have spent a lot more time there - so many location gems!

Maria and I even had a bonding moment when she told me she is taking darkroom photography... I was so happy to hear that kids are still learning the old fashion way! She will be graduating this year, and I wish her the best of luck with her bright future! 

Olive | Newborn

Oh, Olive... Olive you. (original, right?!) 

My good friends Phil & Kara welcomed Olive into this world in June and I'm finally getting around to posting these photos! This sweet girl was dreamin' and smilin' the entire time we were photographing her. Although there was incident that I wont get into... let's just say it was pretty stinky... sorry, too much info. 

Olive's mother and father are two beautiful & creative souls - inside and out. Kara had so much fun decorating Olive's nursery that I just had to take a few detail shots. I cannot wait to watch this little girl grow and to see what God does in her life! 

CJ & Sarah | Maternity

These two make me so incredibly happy and I'm blessed to call them friends. I didn't think this soon-to-be family of three could get any more beautiful but it's happening. I cannot wait to hold baby boy Stimple in my arms and love on that babe like no other - he'll be a little heart breaker! 

Tessa | Senior

I had never met Tessa before our photo shoot, so I didn't know what to expect.. but heck - this girl was a natural! I barely had to give her any direction, every shot was amazing! Tessa attends Linden Hall and will be graduating this year! She's beginning her college search and even looking to go international & I fully support that! I wish you the best of luck, Tessa! You will go far in life.