How did you get into photography? 

Well, I was the 8th grade historian in student council! I was responsible for taking photos of various school events. If you go to Centerville Middle School, you will find my first "portfolio" in their office! But don't let that be your decision maker, trust me. ;) In 9th grade, I took darkroom photography and spent every chance I got in that class. Ever since then, my love and skills for photography grew throughout high school and college! 


How did you get into wedding photography? 

By accident, of course! Isn't that how all great things happen? A old co-worker knew I liked to take photos, so she asked me to photograph her wedding. I just seemed to come natural to me! I believe your day is a day to be captured the way you would want to see it. Let's be honest, parts of your wedding day can sometimes be a blur because of all that adrenaline - I know from experience. When you look back at your wedding photos in years to come, I want your images to jog your memory. I want you to relive those feelings you felt the moment you married your best friend. 


Do you do more than just weddings?

Of course! Portrait and lifestyle photography is my favorite part of my job. It's a special moment for me when someone asks me to take their photo. You're not just asking me to take a picture. Not in my eyes, at least. You are asking to capture just a glimpse of your personality and relationship. 

I'm getting married, how much? My 2019 wedding coverage starts at $2800 for 6 hours of coverage and $3500 for 8 Hours coverage. Each package is slightly different, so contact me for more info!

I'd like to get my portrait taken! How much? My portrait pricing starts at $350 for a one hour session. 

Who photographs with you?  All weddings booked will be photographed by me as the head shooter, and I (almost) always have a second shooter. All of my second shooters are people I fully trust and have most likely shot with before. Each second shooter is thoughtfully chosen because I want my clients to get the style they hired me for. 

Who edits the photographs? I do! Editing is the most time consuming aspect to my job. For weddings, turnaround time is about 4-8 weeks and portraits is about 2-3 weeks. However, with each session I do, I try to send web size previews of your session as soon as possible!

How will I get my photographs? Your photos will be sent to you via a online gallery where you will be able to view, download, share, and order professional prints!

Do you travel?  I am available for travel! My weddings cover 100 miles free of charge. After that, travel costs will be added. Depending on where your location is, I may require a hotel room.

I'm looking for suggestions for other vendors? Do you have any recommendations? Yes! Please contact me for my preferred vendors. :)

More questions? Ask away!